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While walking around the stores in Washington, DC, I was surprised at how expensive the jewelry and art had become. I felt that I could create similar pieces at an affordable price so more people could enjoy fashionable accessories without spending a fortune. This is why I started Duco Artisans.

Duco is Latin for "I lead" and Artisans, as you may know, is Latin for "craftsman." These words spoke to me and serve as an inspiration to explore my inner creativity. I want to be successful in my craft and there is no better way than to continuously practice it.

Duco Artisans wants to use existing techniques as a foundation for exploring new methods for creating jewelry and art. We also seek to deliver high quality products that make an impact on our customers. Love and passion is in each one of our items.  We know not every product will be perfect but want to strive to be. 

We look forward to taking this journey together!

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